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temporary Staffing

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The business environment in the modern era is constantly changing. This requires innovative solutions for meeting specific recruitment requirements. We offer reliable resource management services or temporary staffing solutions in India. Through our services, we help our clients place the staff on payroll while we administer the employee benefits plan for the given staff. We are also capable of managing the important statutory data for the employees through our temporary staffing services.

Citrine Solutions is also committed to providing industry standard offers that are customized to the specific requirements of the clients for ensuring parity between temporary staff and organization’s staff.


We specialize in sourcing highly-skilled candidates

  • We specialize in sourcing skilled candidates who are the best fit for your hiring needs by combining advanced recruiting technology

Citrine solution's Temporary Staffing Division

  • Citrine solution's Temporary Staffing Division can quickly connect you with the global talent you need to keep your business moving forward

Helping Clients Place the Staff on Payroll

  • Our solutions help clients place the staff on payroll while administering the employee benefit plan for staff

Finding Leaders for Tomorrow

Citrine Solutions offers reliable temporary staffing solutions for offering you the ability to develop staff strength without hiring them full time. We help in assisting overloaded employees during critical instances and keeping projects moving. We are a leading staffing recruitment and management service provider in India offering full-service and cost-effective Human Resource Management services to companies not having access to necessary infrastructure to perform the labor-intensive tasks.

  • Short Term Hiring
  • Last Minute Hiring
  • Immediate Hiring
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Short Term Hiring

The overall advantages of short-term hiring are quite known in the modern corporate field. Short-term staffing is essential for all organizations. We deliver assistance with the same through our expertise.

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Last Minute Hiring

Our last-minute employee hiring services allow you to fulfill specific job requirements on the go.

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Immediate Hiring

Looking for short-term employees on a short notice? Based on your specific requirements, we can help with immediate hiring of the right talent to fulfill the purpose.

Service Advantages

You can hire our comprehensive range of temporary staffing services to fulfill your specific job requirements on a short-term basis.

  • Presence of qualified and experienced recruitment staff

    Get access to the best talent with our recruitment efforts

  • Save Your Money

    We help you minimize recruitment costs

  • Delivering improved flexibility

    Get access to a flexible working team

  • Broader network for hiring the right talent

    We have access to hiring the right talent

  • Save Your Time

    We help you save time in the recruitment process

  • Improve Productivity

    Improve organizational productivity with our recruitment services